The Best in Western Country Entertainment

Well you’ve done it again, it’s Friday night and you’re looking for some good western country entertainment. We can’t blame you, we also believe the country culture is awesome and should be celebrated more often. So put on your snake boots and cowboy hat, we’re bringing you the list of the top western country entertainment in the world.

It’s Not my First Rodeo

“A good old rodeo never hurt anyone.” Taylor Kitsch

The excitement of the crowd, the energy coming from the animal and the naïve enthusiasm of the aspiring cowboys. Rodeos are never a dull affair. They can be quite rare depending on where you live but you cannot miss the opportunity to witness it with your eyes. Even on the screen, the camera doesn’t do justice to the atmosphere at these events. Rodeos generally involve cows, horses and other livestock. These types of event go back as far as the 1820’s on small ranches. It has come a long way since then especially in the special effort put into the animals’ welfare.


Go See a Country Music Concert

Country music isn’t dead, it’s even more popular than ever. With the likes of Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton and Keith Urban, a brand new generation of country fans has developed all over the world. Check out your local listings for a concert near you.


Bar Bar Black Seep Slot at Online Casino

If you love country music and the farm life then you’ll love Bar Bar Black Sheep Online slot. Inspired by the famous nursery rhyme this Microgaming operated slot machine has been making wave ever since it was released in 2015. It fits with the country theme with its many sheep and farm inspired symbols, scatters and wilds. Enjoy this amazing game and find the black sheep for bigger wins. Nothing but the best country entertainment available on the market!


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