The Best Ways to Declutter Your Life

Nobody tells you when you move to the country side that you will feel this need to live a simpler life. Away from the shimmering lights of the cities and all its distractions, you’re left feeling at peace and one with nature. This also begins a full process to get rid of unnecessary burdens and physical possessions. If the simple life style sounds good to you, here are a few ways to embrace the country side completely.


Commit 5 minutes a day

For the simple country life to stick, you need a bigger commitment than a one-time event. Every single day, dedicate a few minutes to cleaning out your surroundings. You can prepare your clothes for the next morning so you won’t have to think about it when you get up. That’s less mental energy spent on trivial decisions when you wake up. That way you can keep your mind focused on what’s really important: coffee or seeing your loved ones. I would choose coffee.

Make Lists to Clear Your Mind

The human brain is fascinating and full of mysteries. Yet something scientists have discovered is how much we, as a species, love lists. It simplifies our thought process, make sure we don’t forget anything and put our mind at ease. It’s the best anti-stress mechanism out there and it’s one of the cheapest trick in the book. A simple to do: 1. Cook breakfast 2. Take out the trash. 3. Play at an online casino. That way you’ll have the memory of an elephant.


Meditation is the key

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

― Amit Ray

There is a reason why millions of people have practised meditation for thousands of years. It is the clearer path to inner peace, lower anxiety and mindful awareness. You can easily learn to meditate for free on the internet and it doesn’t require any equipment. Meditation for the win: Namaste!


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