The History of Country Music through the Ages

Music fans all over the world are known to be artistic but also passionate about their opinion. A style of music that as always had its detractors is country music. Some criticize it for being too bland or simple, using the same four chords in every song. Others will criticize it for its conservative views of the world typical from the South of the United States.

While some criticisms are true of country music, this style in itself is more popular than ever and modern artists are producing quality content for the world to enjoy. It’s way more than just Taylor Swift. Country music is rooted in history, having been invented over a century ago in the United States. To this day, it remains very popular all over the world, from Australia to Germany.

Back in the 1920s

The country music genre emerged in the 1920s in the Southern States, taking its roots in folk music, blues, and Celtic folk and old-time music. It was immigrants from the Appalachian Mountains that brought with them the instruments that made country music possible as early as the 1700’s.

If you’re looking for the actual birth place of country music, you will find it in Bristol, Tennessee. Well known for its numerous casinos, it’s now home to the official “Birthplace of Country Museum”.


Expansion during the 1930’s and 40s.

With the rise in popularity of the radio, country music spread all over the South becoming the go-to music for school dances and parties. It also became associated to classic western movies.


Until Today

After the likes of Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton came the new generation of pop inspired country music like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. It’s worth noting that a good portion of popular country stars today got their start in a TV reality show such as American Idol.

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